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Amalner, situated on the banks of River Bori, is a city and municipal council in Maharashtra’s Jalgaon district. It is a tehsil that has villages such as Chandani Kurhe, Javkhede, Nagaon BK, Patonde, Chaubari Shirsalem Eklahare, Dahiwad, Amalgaon, Mehergaon, Palasdale, Vavade, Mangrul, Chaubari Shirsale and Gandhali under its administration. The city’s northern part takes its name from Srimant Pratap Shethji. It has been named as Pratapnagar.


History of Amalner

Amalner boasts of a rich history. It is said that in the 11th century Rishi Ambarishi prayed to the God of Rain, who then constructed a Lord Shiva temple in the area where the city has now been established. There upon, Ambarishi named the village as Amalnir, meaning a village with pure water. Later, the place came to be known by the name Amalner.

The city has contributed a great deal in the field of education in the past and continues to do so. It is also a good example of steady industrial growth. Not just this, many people from the city participated whole-heartedly in the Freedom Movement.

Amalner houses one of the most prominent and oldest centre of philosophy in India – The Indian Institute of Philosophy that has now been renamed as Pratap Tatwadnyan Mandir.

Notable Personalities

Nyayacharya Shriram Shastri Upasani: This popular philosopher and vedic pandit belonged to Amalner. He was known for his in-depth knowledge on astrology. His son, Pandit Vushweshwar Shastri, now continues the legacy.

Pandit Sadashiv Sane: A famous teacher who taught at the Pratap High School and also participated in India’s Freedom Struggle. He was also a well-known writer and poet who wrote books like Bhartiya Sanskriti and Shyamchi Aai.

Saint Muktai: This great saint resided here centuries ago and turned it into a holy place.

Shri Sakharam Maharaj: This eminent saint also belongs to Amalner. He was a devotee of Lord Vithal.

Geography of Amalner

Amalner has an average elevation of 188 metres. It is situated at 18°56'N 75°20'E / 18.93°N 75.33°E / 18.93; 75.33[1]. The climatic condition of the place remains mostly like the other parts of Maharashtra.

Business and Economy of Amalner

The renowned organization, Wipro, came into existence in this city. It commenced its business by producing the popular vanaspati ghee using sunflower seeds in Amalner. The business flourished and spread to other parts of the country over the time. It has established a strong foothold today dealing in numerous fields. There are several Wipro shareholders in the city. Many other small and big industries have also been set up in Amalner and its economy is growing at a steady speed.

Culture of Amalner

People belonging to different religions, caste and creed live in harmony in Amalner. However, the population of Marathis is comparatively higher as compared to others. Different festivals including Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid are celebrated with great zeal in the city. Besides, they also have certain other festivals and celebrations such as those mentioned below:

A procession called Paai wari is carried out in Amalner each year in the month of Ashadh. This procession is carried out to visit Pandharpur's Lord Vitthal. Several residents of the city as well as other parts of the state take part in this procession with full enthusiasm.

In the month of Vaishakh, a fun fair is organized at a large scale at the bank of River Bori. A rath yatra is carried out as a part of this celebration and people gather around to take part in it. As mentioned, all the communities live in perfect harmony in this city and this celebration is the biggest example of the same. The first wooden log that is used to bring the rath to a halt after the procession is placed by the people belonging to the Muslim community. The rath also stops by at a mosque for Dohe and Aarati during the procession.

Tourism in Amalner

Amalner is a place of religious significance and people mostly visit here to offer prayers at the various religious spots. Amalner is considered second only to Pandharpur. It is known as Prati-Pandharpur that means as holy as Pandharpur. In case you aren’t aware, Pandharpur is a pilgrimage city situated on the banks of River Bhima in Maharashtra’s Solapur district. Two visits to Amalner are considered to be as good as one visit to the holy city of Pandharpur.

Religious Spots

There are many religious spots in and around the city. Let us have a look at the same:

Varuneshwar: It is said that this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva was set up by the God of Rain, Varun Devta, after Rishi Amabarishi prayed to him. One of the oldest temples in the country, it is visited by Shiva's devotees from different parts of the state as well as outside.

Khaleshwar: Another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Khaleshwar temple also sees several devotees gathering around to offer prayers to the Lord.

Khateshwar Mahadev Mandir: Located on the bank of Bori river, this is also an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Jain Temple of Lord Chandraprabhu: This temple is located at a distance of about 20 km from Amalner in the heart of the village, Mandal that falls under the Amalner Taluka and is situated on the bank of River Panzara. The temple sees large number of devotees pouring in to offer prayers on the day of Amavasya.

Jain Temple of Lord Shiva: It is located in Shirsale, the smallest village in Amalner Taluka.

Shivdham Temple: This famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located at a distance of around 11 km from Amalner. Situated on the bank of River Gopi, the place is calm and quite and draws several devotees owing to its religious significance.

Accommodation in Amalner

There are quite a few hotels and other accommodation options in the city where you can stay on your visit. Here is a look at the hotel and guest houses located in and around Amalner:

Hotel Patil Plaza
3215/15, Wipro Road, Amalner Jalgaon, Jalgaon - 425401, Near MSEB Office

Hotel Payal
Sindhi Housing Society, Amalner

Hotel Aram Palace
Station Road, Amalner

Yogeshwar Guest House
Gujar Ali, Chopda, Ambedkar Chowk, Jalgaon

Hotel Regaal Palace
MG Road, Jalgaon

Hotel Maitreyas
Ajanta Road, Jalgaon MIDC, Jalgaon

Shopping in Amalner

Given below are the main markets in Amalner:

Cotton Market
RK Nagar, Amalner, Maharashtra - 425401

Rajiv Gandhi Market
Sane Nagar, Amalner, Maharashtra – 425401

Sampatlal Agarchand Market Yard
APMC Market Yard State Highway 14, Amalner, Maharashtra

Besides its local markets, one can visit the weekly market in Amalner every Monday where several household items are available at economical rates. The residents of the city as well as people from nearby villages especially make it a point to take out time on Mondays to visit the market for shopping.

Household equipments known as ghamelas that are made of copper and brass are a famous item of the city. Do not forget to purchase one of these on your visit to Amalner.

Transport Services in Amalner

Amalner is situated on the western railway and lies between Bhusawal and Surat. The city is connected to the western railway via Surat and central railway via Bhusaval. It is also connected via road to different parts of Maharashtra. The means of transport within the city is also intact.

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